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Taksim restaurant | Taksim best restaurants

Avrupa’nın en büyük ve şüphesiz ki en güzel kentlerinden bir tanesi İstanbul.Kaotik olmasıyla birlikte pek kimselerin bırakıp gitmeye cesaret edemediği,ziyarete gelenleri de kendine hayran bırakan;nice savaşlara,şiirlere konu olmuş bu güzel metropol.14 milyon yaşayanıyla her geçen gün daha da büyüyor İstanbul.


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Taksim best restaurants | Bosphorus restaurant


IZAKA sözcüğü, Osmanlıca “tattırma, lezzet ve zevk hissetirme” anlamına gelir.

IZAKA Restaurants·Bar·Lounge, size üç adet lüks restoranda Haliç’ten Topkapı Sarayı’na, Kız Kulesi’nen Prens Adaları ve Anadolu yakasına kadar uzanan geniş bir Istanbul Boğazı manzarası eşliğinde, benzersiz lezzetteki yiyecek ve içecekleriyle unutulmaz bir yemek tecrübesi sunuyor.


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Istanbul Kebab Restaurants | Istanbul taksim restaurant


IZAKA is a word borrowed from Ottoman language that means flavor, relish and/or tasting something.

IZAKA Restaurants·Bar·Lounge Istanbul has a lot to offer : Three upscale theme restaurants offering only the finest quality foods and drinks, an exclusive bar & lounge, a beautiful terrace overlooking a 240 degrees panoramic Bosphorus view; Golden Horn, Topkapi Palace, Maiden Tower, Prince Islands, Asia Minor all the way through Bosphorus Bridge and beyond.

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Delicious Turkish Foods | Izaka restaurant


Izaka Istanbul bunyesinde Mezze Mare,Akdeniz mezeleri ve deniz urunleriyle;The Midd kebap,pide ve et yemekleriyle;Hitode,sushi cesitleriyle hizmet vermektedir.

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The best Turkish street foods


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Luxury Restaurants In Istanbul

IZAKA Bar and Lounge is likewise the ideal spot to relax after supper with companions or for a nightcap on your way home. Private Dining Depending on your prerequisites, we can provide food up to 450 individuals. We are prepared to suit bunch appointments, wedding and engagement gatherings, Jewish right of passage and bat mitzvah and the greater part of your extraordinary occasions. If you don’t mind don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to assume control over the entire eatery segment or utilize a private lounge area. Our menus can be carefully fit by necessities and prerequisites or you could essentially abandon it to the circumspection of our culinary specialist to the astonishment of you and your visitors with his mouth-watering tasting menu.


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Turkey Best food | Restaurants in istanbul

The geology and climate, the rich woven artwork of social and religious history all give the best of motivations to visit Turkey.

The area has been possessed by such a large number of civic establishments that Turkey is powerful past all extent in the aggregate western history, rationality, religious thought, craftsmanship, design and substantially more. Sitting on the landmasses of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a different nation where East meets west, so it’s not amazing that Turkey has something to suit all tastes.

Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant
Consistently, thousands rush to Turkey to experience its captivating mix of astounding common magnificence and history. As one of the focuses of the Turkish Riviera and gulet cruising exchange, it draws in a huge number of outside guests consistently.

The nation is a serendipitous mix of societies, joined with a rich history that wakes up in the as well various to-number archaeological destinations. It’s the site of a portion of the most punctual urban areas. Numerous individuals say a portion of Turkey’s appeal is that it resemble Greece was thirty years prior.